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InvenTank Live with Jim DeBetta: President of DeBetta Enterprises

My firm has formed a solid network of product engineers, factory brokers, angel investment firms, licensing experts, and sales and marketing professionals among many other areas of expertise. We work with Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, and individual inventors alike. My team and I specialize in finding factories to produce products, create pricing strategies, marketing and …

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Go/No Go Process Overview

Learn the 5 most common mistakes first time inventors make and gain a better understanding of the entire innovation and commercialization process.

Getting To WOW (IGA Webinar)

IGA provides inventors with resources, information, access, and support.  Our website offers a place for inventors to learn and share.  This webinar with Lisa Lloyd was one of the IGA monthly meetings where they provide guest speakers as well as a platform for members to ask questions, share suggestions, and get assistance from others in …

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Business Strategies For Patents

There are 2 strategies to be considered when deciding which type of patent to use, legal, and business strategies. Before you spend a lot of time and money going down the intellectual property path, watch this quick video to help you make more informed decisions.

Defining The Problem

Would you like to learn the first secret successful inventors use to create winning products? The best inventions start with a clearly defined problem, then and ONLY then can the most significant and delightful innovations emerge. Learn 3 simple exercises to help you write a problem statement that will guide you to inventing winning solutions. …

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